The property robbed is not property, but criminal evidence / Sheng Hong

It is said that all the assets of Dawu group worth about 7 billion yuan were “auctioned” at a surprisingly low price of 686.1 million. I can feel the heartache of Dawu people, but I advise Dawu people not to do so.

The real fear should be the bid winner who seem to have taken a great advantage, Baoding Ruixi Technology Co., Ltd. and its individual members . This is because it is an illegal transaction. First, the agent of the auction is illegal. The assets belong to Dawu group, and only Dawu group has the right to auction. Secondly, the auction process does not comply with legal transaction procedures. First, the appraisal company “entrusted” by the illegal subject obviously maliciously underestimates the assets; Then, those who intend to bid can not enter without obstacles. I heard that many people who intend to enter retreat after being threatened; Finally, there is no bidding in the auction process. For a legal transaction, one condition is not to restrict the free entry of traders, and the other is to have competition. So this is an illegal transaction.

Since it is illegal, the so-called “Baoding Ruixi Technology Co., Ltd.” has not legally obtained the property right of Dawu group; And this so-called “buying” process is the process of snatching. If it is robbery, it is a crime, and what can be used for conviction is the robbed assets. Therefore, for Baoding Ruixi Technology Co., Ltd., the Dawu assets it obtained are not property, but criminal evidence. If it is a crime, the first snatcher is the court that auctioned the Dawu assets; This “auction” is just a process of selling stolen goods.

The difference is that ordinary criminals only carry out such criminal activities in private, but the act of plundering Dawu is in broad daylight, and there are legal documents and transaction process as criminal records. If one day the crime is to be liquidated, the evidence is ready-made. If criminals are not afraid, they must mistakenly think that power is always higher than law. In fact, power is short and the Tao is eternal.

Sheng Hong,”Due process of law on the Dawu incident”, forget talk Hill study, December 3, 2020


Economist, Confucianist


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